Monday, April 02, 2007

Lots of Money

Whoa, am I posting again? I guess so.

I just have a quick question: what would happen if a presidential candidate donated their tens of millions of dollars to feeding hungry children, or curing AIDS, or developing alternative fuel sources even, rather than spending it on campainging? Do you think that the American people, and probably more importantly the media, would laud such an act of generosity enough to make it anywhere near as powerful as traditional campaigning? Or would it just spell the end of their hopes in this whoever-spends-the-most-money-wins political system we have today? It just seems like a really poor way to spend so much money. If the American people could elect a president without so much hype it seems like we'd have a lot more money to spend on a lot better things.


J. Morgan Caler said...

I'm pretty sure it would constitute fraud.

StandingOutInTheCold said...

Thanks for being pedantic, j morgan. Of course I meant if they legally arranged for the money to be given away. Like they said "don't contribute to my campaign, instead give to this organization" or they said "for every dollar you give to me, give at least two to this organization."